Itaipu Hydroelectric Binacional will give Bitcoin as an award in an event

Event starts next week and will attract programmers to the online version of the competition.

Considered one of the five largest hydroelectric plants in Brazil, Itaipu Binacional will give Bitcoin as an award for participants in an event. Aimed as one of the largest technology events in Brazil, Latinoware 2020 will begin next week.

In 2020, Latinoware reaches its 17th edition, this time totally online due to the pandemic. The Latin American Congress of Free Software and Open Technologies is already in fact a reference of innovation in the country.

The event will begin on December 2, with the end on the 4th. Over the three days, there will be 110 lectures available to participants, who will still be able to participate in challenges.

Those who know about programming, cyber security, among others, may win some Bitcoins.
Event promoted by Itaipu Binacional will give Bitcoin to challenge participants

Many people still can’t buy Bitcoin, but they are looking for ways to earn the digital currency. And in some events over the past few years it has been possible to participate in challenges in exchange for digital currency.

Next week, even, Latinoware 2020 comes with another opportunity for those interested.

With registration still open and free, participants will have the opportunity to win prizes in two competitions: CTF Challenge and the Hackathon LW2020.

The first of them, the CTF Challenge, will be divided into two stages, called „Jeopardy“ and „King of the hill“. In the case of Jeopardy, competitors will put their knowledge in information security, such as reverse engineering, code analysis, encryption, web hacking, networks, among others.

Questions and answers will then be asked to the competitors in this challenge. Participation can be made individually or in groups in this competition. In addition, to participate they must choose to be Jedi or Lord Sith, a joke with the movie Star Wars.

„The best runners up will receive prizes in bitcoins (BTC): 1st place (R$ 800.00 in BTC); 2nd place (R$ 700.00 in BTC); 3rd place: R$ 400.00 in (BTC); 4th to 10th place (R$ 200.00 in BTC),“ said the organization of Latinoware 2020

The three best competitors in Jeopardy will also have the opportunity to participate in King of the Hill. In this competition, the competitors will receive a vulnerable computer and must reach the root user of the machine first. Whoever wins, gets one more „Bitcoin ballad“.

„The time is much shorter and only the best ranked will receive the prize in bitcoins (R$2,000.00 in BTC),“ said the event when presenting the rules to participants

Considering the price of Bitcoin today, in which each unit of currency is already worth more than $ 104,000, the King of the Hill winner will win about 0.019 BTC ($ 2,000).
Who creates a digital solution to help those seeking employment will also be rewarded

The second competition will be the Hackathon LW2020, which aims to encourage the creation of a digital solution for those seeking their first job. Developers and designers are invited to participate, either professionals or students.

Who can show an interesting idea to help young people, mainly during the pandemic, can win up to R$ 4 thousand. The Hackathon award, however, was not clear in the rules if it will be paid in Bitcoin or Brazilian Real.

„The Hackathon Latinoware award will be in cash for the three best ranked: 1st place (R$ 4,000.00); 2nd place (R$ 2,500.00); 3rd place (R$ 2,000.00),“ said Latinoware 2020